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Home " ECG machine Comes Now"

Is Your heart healthy?

Just 20 seconds,

your hands will tell you.

Home Healthcare Drinking

Water Machine (Ionized water)


Ionized water will takecare of Your Helth



Portable -  Exquisite and compact design;

Palm-sized and very convenient.

Early Prevention - Prevention is always

better than treatment.

Simple Operation and Rapid Test - Just

two hands, and 30 seconds.

Timely Detection - Timely detect and record

the abnormality of heart.

Diagnosis Assistance - The records- Diagnosis assistance for doctor in early stage.


Digital Therapy Machine

  • Stroke

  • Massage

  • Acupuncture

  • Manipulation

  • Scrapping

  • Cupping

  • Weight Reducing

  • Hypnogenesis

  • Adjust BP

  • Immunotherapy


Experiment on dissolving oil
It shows that HAOMAY ionized water may decrease blood sugar concentration and eliminate redundant fat in the body as well as residual fat in the blood vessel. Therefore, it can not only reduce weight but also be effective on high blood pressure and high blood fat.
Oil dissolves in the ionized water
Oil floats on the surface of tap water



Common Mineral Water






No harmful substances No harmful substances No harmful substances
Abundant mineral substances No mineral substances Proper proportion of the mineral substances with the shape of ion.
PH value exhibits alkalescent or neutrality or sub acidity. PH value exhibits meta acid.PH value: 6.5 or so PH value exhibits alkalinity.PH value: 8.5 or so
General General Two times higher than the others.
8-10 H2O 13-15 H2O 5-6 H2O

Eliminate partly.

Not eliminate.

Eliminate rapidly.



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